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About Our Construction Company

Codding Construction founder, Hugh B. Codding, first built homes in Sonoma County in 1941. Hugh served in the Sea Bees with the U.S. Naval Construction Battalion and formed Codding Homes in 1947. The company’s first 12-store shopping center was built in 1948, followed by the 1200 acre shopping center and community of Montgomery Village in 1950. The early 60’s brought one of the first modern suburban malls to the West Coast, Coddingtown Center. In the same decade, Merced Mall was built and opened. In support of the industry, Codding founded Banks, Savings and Loans, Mortgage, Insurance, and Building Product Companies.

The foundation of the company has been built upon its development roots. Codding Construction fundamentally understands construction design and project development. The company culture instills teamwork, collaboration and understanding with clients to achieve project goals.

Who We Are: About
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