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Lisa Codding

Co-Owner and CEO

Lisa Codding has spent almost 20 years working in collaboration with the President of Codding Construction.  As a third generation Sonoma County resident and growing up next door to her grandfather, Hugh Codding, Construction and Development was ingrained in her starting at a young age along with Sunday drives to view the progress of their newest building.  She joined Codding Enterprises as a Property Manager shifting quickly to Codding Construction as a Project Manager, Estimator, Operations Manager, and now a Co-owner and CEO of Codding Enterprises.  Her knowledge and experience on the construction side is extensive along with cost management.  Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Lois Codding

Co-Owner and Vice President

Lois Codding has been with Codding Enterprises for 15 years.  She is head of the Leasing Department and works openly with tenants with the business terms of their leases including Tenant Improvements.  She’s works directly with the Construction team to detail the work included for each new deal including design, planning and construction cost estimation.  She also follows with the construction progress and assists where needed.  Today Lois is Co-owner and Vice President of Codding Enterprises.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Cal State Northridge.

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Rick Freeman


Rick Freeman has been with Codding Construction for over 40 years.  He began his career when he started a four-year apprentice program with Carpenters Local 751, while taking additional courses in home design and construction management at the Santa Rosa Junior College. In 1976, he held the title of Foreman for Codding Construction and in 1997 was promoted to Field Superintendent. In the early 1980’s he worked in Barbados, West Indies as Project Supervisor and overseeing purchasing and government meetings. He later returned to Codding Construction and was a key employee involved with building Merced Mall.  In 2004 Rick was promoted to Vice President and Senior Estimator.  He has been President of Codding Construction since 2010.

Don Coddnig

Estimator and Project Manager

Don Codding has been working directly for Codding Construction for 25 years.  Prior to Codding Construction, he worked at an architectural firm as a draftsman.  His diverse project background includes drafting using CADD systems, providing estimates for occupied remodels, shell space tenant improvements, and ground-up new construction.  As a project manager, he works directly with the City, architects, engineers, sub-contractors, and tenants leading teams through both design and construction phases.

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Dan Davis

Field Superintendent

Dan Davis is a Union Carpenter and has been with Codding Construction for over 20 years.  His responsibilities comprise of supervising all aspects of daily project operations including scheduling, coordination of all trades, delivery of scheduled materials, on-site safety and overseeing the quality of work.

Bobby Goates

Field Superintendent

Bobby Goates is a Union Carpenter who has been in the construction industry for over 25 years and directly for Codding Construction for 10 years.  His responsibilities comprise of supervising all aspects of daily project operations including scheduling, coordination of all trades, delivery of scheduled materials, on-site safety and overseeing the quality of work.

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Leroy Knibb

Vice President of Codding Enterprises

Leroy Knibb has been with Codding Enterprises for over 35 years.  He first started working for Codding Construction as a carpenter then shifting his way to Vice President of Leasing.  Leroy’s knowledge of Construction is to the standard of expert with a deep knowledge of the history and infrastructure of Codding’s properties and buildings.  He writes and reviews the Construction Exhibits to each Lease and Amendment and follows in the construction progress.  Leroy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Kirstie Franceschi

Development and Property Management

Kirstie Franceschi joined Codding Enterprises in 2007.  She is the Development and Property Manager. She has worked on major development projects including the entitlements for Sonoma Mountain Village (SOMO), the conversion of a motel site into retail with Dick’s Sporting Goods and Patelco Credit Union, and the ongoing Coddingtown Center redevelopment.  Prior to joining Codding Enterprises, Ms. Franceschi spent 15 years in the Residential Home Building Industry where she held the position of Regional Vice President of Risk Management for Richmond American Homes; one of the Country’s largest Builders. At Richmond American Homes she took the lead in the introduction of the Customer Experience Program, the best practice building procedures, and represented the company in all homeowner disputes, litigation and settlements.

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Linda Morgan

Controller of Codding Enterprises

Linda Morgan has been with Codding for over 30 years.  She first started as a bookkeeper for Codding Construction then an Account Manager for Codding Construction and today is the Controller for Codding Enterprises.  Linda oversees the accounting department and the integrity of the company’s financial pictures.  She possesses strong analytical skills, a passion for details and strives for continuous improvement.  Linda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Sonoma State University.

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